Chasing Down a Supercell

When it’s May you chase.  During the week of May 22, 2016, a southward dip in the jet stream occurred in the West near Colorado, with favorable thermodynamics advecting northwards and setting the potential for a tornado outbreak. In the early afternoon of May 22, 2016, an Enhanced Risk was issued by the Storm Prediction Center for extreme southwestern Kansas, the Oklahoma Panhandle and northern Texas.  Numerous tornadoes touched down along the dryline that evening, with the strongest tornadoes touching down in Texas.        

Storm Chase Dodge City, Kansas

May 24, 2016 was an epic day storm chasing on the plains. The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) had forecasted an enhanced risk for the day and I was ready for another epic day of chasing.  I was in Shamrock, Texas and it seemed like an eternity waiting for the latest forecast model.  I sat and waited, drove around, fueled up, looked at the SPC website, checked the mesoanalysis page, and chatted on messenger in an attempt to figure out where the target area was going to be for the afternoon.…