Storm Chase Oklahoma

Storm Chase Oklahoma

I thought I would get an early start and head for Dallas Forth Worth to see a friend.  Checking the weather it seemed like the target area was going to be northeast Oklahoma.  I decided to scrap driving south to Dallas and head for Oklahoma.  Storms were predicted in northeast Oklahoma and I wanted to be in position before storms initiated in the afternoon.  I spent most of the morning trying to figure out some work related issues back in Las Vegas and it was super frustrating.  On the road to Oklahoma City  I realized I would not make it to the target area before the storms initiated.  No friend and no storms.  The day was a bust.




Driving solo it really gave me an opportunity to beat myself up for many miles.   The drive to Lawton, Oklahoma seemed long and I was feeling pretty miserable by the time I arrived.  Perhaps it was all the fast food I have eaten over the last few days.  Perhaps it was the lack of quality sleep and how exhausted I was feeling.  This drive really took a toll on me and I started to think about ending the chase and heading back home to Vegas.  I was missing home terribly, Drones my chase rig was running horribly, and I still had trouble getting over the decision I made to take I-40 east and miss a tornado in Canadian, Texas.    There were times I thought “Dude, this is out of your league.”




I was distracted for a moment by the tornado damage south of Oklahoma City and I decided I would stay the night in El Reno and look around at area of the deadly 2013 El Reno tornado.  I thought it would be good to get off the road, stop driving for a while, and clear my head of all the garbage.  I arrived in El Reno and was awestruck by it’s beauty.  I spent a couple of hours taking it all in and it made me think about how lucky I was to have the opportunity to see and chase storms.   Nothing really mattered at work, on the road, or at that moment.  With inspiration courtesy of El Reno, I decided to keep going on this adventure and head for Clinton, Oklahoma.  Fast food, lack of sleep, many miles on the road with no guarantee of seeing a tornado was okay for another day and I was ready for the next leg of the trip.


Post Chase Data

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