Chasing Down a Supercell

Chasing Down a Supercell

Storm chasing in Kansas. (Photo by: Marc Sanchez)

When it’s May you chase.  During the week of May 22, 2016, a southward dip in the jet stream occurred in the West near Colorado, with favorable thermodynamics advecting northwards and setting the potential for a tornado outbreak. In the early afternoon of May 22, 2016, an Enhanced Risk was issued by the Storm Prediction Center for extreme southwestern Kansas, the Oklahoma Panhandle and northern Texas.  Numerous tornadoes touched down along the dryline that evening, with the strongest tornadoes touching down in Texas.


A large tornado touches down on the plains in Kansas. (Photo by Marc Sanchez)


Driving into a massive supercell near Turkey, Texas. (Photo by: Marc Sanchez)


A supercell lights up with color during a spectacular sunset near Howardwick, Texas. (Photo by: Marc Sanchez)


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