Henderson Storm Chase

Here is a shot from a storm chasing adventure near Henderson, Nevada.  After chasing storms all night trying to get an amazing lightning shot we decided to follow this storm as it tracked west from Arizona. Up to this point we hadn’t really nailed an amazing photo yet.  I think storm chasing in Nevada requires a little extra work sometimes.  In Nevada you have to work to get the shot and other times getting some amazing photos happens pretty easily.  On this night, it was pure work driving most of the night trying to get the shot.  By the time this storm moved into the target area, I was pretty much a zombie on auto pilot.  Chasing down this storm along a rough utility road, we were able to find a position to watch the storm as it moved into the target area. The storm finally produced some spectacular lightning as it approached us. It was a long night of chasing but in the end I think the shot was worth it! Boom!

HENDERSON, NV – OCTOBER 20: A thunderstorm brings dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning October 20, 2010 in Henderson, Nevada.  (Photo by Marc Sanchez)

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