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Storm Chase May 27, 2015 Canadian Texas

Departing Albuquerque, New Mexico I had a sense of missing Vegas.  The chase rig began to cut out like it was running out of fuel and I wondered if I was really going to make the trip.  The thought of ending the chase before it really started tugged away in my mind.  I was two states

28 May 2015:  A general view of area features north of Childress, Texas during  a storm chasing trip to Tornado Alley.

Storm Chase May 26, 2015

691 miles and a couple states away, the speedometer landed on 213,915 when I stopped for the night in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Earlier in the day near Ash Fork, Arizona the chase rig started to cut out like it was running out of fuel.  I thought I might be headed back to Vegas.  I stopped

2009 JUL 22

Storm Shots July 22, 2009

  2009 JULY 22:  Monsoon moisture fueled an outbreak of severe thunderstorms that produced high winds and extremely dangerous cloud to ground lightning in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

2014 AUG 19:  Storm Chasing - North Las Vegas

Storm Shots August 19, 2014

Timing, luck, and anticipation.  It appeared these were the key ingredients missing from a successful recipe of shooting the storms prior to August 19, 2014.  Night one resulted in driving north towards Mesquite and seeing nothing but a light rain.  Sitting atop a hill and looking towards Vegas I could see the frequent flashes of lightning


Ever Been in a Flash Flood?

Tired from storm chasing the previous evening, we decided to casually venture out in the desert south of Las Vegas for a little exploration of the Colesseum Mine south of Primm, Nevada along the California and Nevada border.  The day was amazing and we could see cumulous build up on the horizon as far as the